Dear Mummy,

I've been a bad daughter. I forgot to send your card until the last minute and so it didn't get there in time for Mother's Day, it's the first time I've missed one and I feel terrible!


If you were here I'd have bought you these


and of course hundreds of daffodils!

This is the first time in twelve years that you have had a child at home for Mother's Day and I know that Bro is spoiling you and cooking you dinner, I just wish that I was there to help and spoil you too!


There is a teeny tiny present here waiting for you! Come and get it soon!  


Lots and lots of love

Your Little Girl

13 thoughts on “Dear Mummy,

  1. That’s so funny Gemma – all last week I reminded (nagged!) my other half to post the card for his mother in time, and then I forget to give my mother her card. She’s forgiven me, I think…

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