I am alive!! I promise I am. Work is becoming more manageable although it is going to be hectic with late nights for another few weeks yet. The company I am working for are attending this massive exhibition and it would seem I am heavily involved in the organising and actually attending it! So whilst it is ridiculously taxing at the moment it is all great experience and there are times when I am actually quite enjoying it!


I miss things though. I miss coming home and taking pictures in the lovely daylight, I miss actually having energy to talk to G of an evening, I miss cooking and yes I miss blogging and commenting and you lovely people. So, I am promising, two posts a week, even if they are both posted at the weekend I think I should be able to manage two!


G and I did have a nice outing on Sunday, complete with camera so I have something to tell you about besides moaning about work which I will do soon! Saturday I spent lazing in the garden in the sunshine getting more than a little pink! I've also been doing some stitching, not knitting but something none the less! You were all right, it does help, it really has helped me switch off so thank-you!! Don't know what I would have done without those suggestions!

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8 thoughts on “Alive!

  1. There’s always some kind of compromise with jobs, but I’m sure they’ll be a great reward for your late nights and hard work! Love the stitching – I have some of those red buttons in my stash, you’ve just reminded me…must go find something to do with them :D

  2. Good to hear you’re managing to enjoy your job, even if only some of the time (much like most of us, I suspect). As for limited blogging, don’t worry, we’ll still be here. Have a lovely weekend.

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