I keep thinking about this space of mine on the internet and how best to use it. Then start thinking just use it for crying out loud! Waiting for when I have more time, more space, more light. But let’s face it, with a nearly three year old and now my crafting that is never going to happen! So let’s try using the tablet on the go and see how we go with that!


Half term has been and gone. Visits to parks and the seaside make time go in a flash with precious little off my to do list completed!



But with time flying by so fast, with the dude almost 3 who has time to worry about to do lists!

Christmas and Fireplaces

Growing up we were always blessed with houses with fireplaces. In fact I think that one of the things that drew our family to the house in Spain was the MASSIVE fireplace in the lounge. When we first moved in when the Bro and I were 8 and 9 it was big enough for us both to stand up in and swing from the mantle piece!


(I’ve had to trawl my Bro’s facebook for this photo, nothing we ever take really does it justice!)

At Christmas a small brass table has always sat to the right of the fire, next to the coal scuttle, with mince pies, carrots and milk, because HO HO doesn’t drink and drive, ready for the magical visitor to come shooting down the chimney.

All of this to say that really, until the Dude was born it never occurred to me how on earth do presents get delivered on Christmas Eve if there is no chimney delivery system!?!?! In our house we have a revolting old skool gas fire, somehow I can’t imagine the Big Red Man managing to fit his bulk between the bars of the gas fire!

Enter my new make!


My Dude need worry no more! This little beauty will be going on the tree and on Christmas Eve, the Dude is going to put it outside so that FC can get in without any problems what so ever! It even has a little jingle bell so that if he listens VERY carefully he may even be able to hear when it is inserted into our lock. Although of course all good boys and girls should really be in bed and more importantly asleep!


If you’ve been reading here for a while, or if you’ve been bored enough to trawl my archives, you’ll know that I grew up in Spain, and to a great extent it will always feel like home to me. And whilst I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time out there as I would like since The Dude was born I really hope that he too forms a bond with the country that my family called home for so many years.

I’ve struggled with when to introduce foreign languages. G is fluent in French and German and of course there is Spanish and I know that the earlier you introduce them the easier it is for a child to pick up. I know that I certainly found foreign languages a lot easier to learn before I hit the grand old age of 10!

Having said that there didn’t seem to be much point in trying to teach him until he had at the very least a rudimentary grasp of English! I have been reading to him in Spanish though, and I often  speak to him using it, just so he doesn’t think what on earth is that noise coming out of her mouth!!

Today though was a proud day! He used his first Spanish word. Yes it isn’t one that he will need to use a hell of a lot and it wasn’t perfect, but then most of his English isn’t either! But for me, wow, that first tiny step on the road to my childhood home being special to him, well it bought a tear to my eye.

So here is to chanqeys, or chanquetas as they are more commonly known, sandals to you and I. Well, at least it wasn’t *helado which was my first spanish word!


*icecream. Closely followed by chips and “a beer for Daddy please” !


I know that somewhere far back in the distant archives of Generally Gemma I’ve posted about how much I love the predictability of my life, both I and it seems The Dude thrive on routine and knowing what comes next.

Whilst the past few years have meant a new start for G in September when he goes back to school for a new year, for me it has always been more of a mental beginning. Now though, it is more of a proper start. Because playgroups and classes all close down in the holidays for The Dude and I September really is the start of a new term again!

(I take my hat off to all you Mums, Dads, Carers of little people who don’t have help during the Summer holidays, I think without G at home I would have been climbing the walls at the thought of a six week break with no activities.)

Today was swimming which he utterly loves, he is a proper little water baby just like his Mummy. I love it too but for an entirely different reason! The EPIC nap that follows! I know, I know I am lucky that at 2 he is still napping at all but my word does my boy love his sleep!

All of which means I get to spend a slightly longer time running my empire from my laptop/phone/tablet/needles. Today has been spent packaging orders with my lovely new stickers and business cards, ordering more stock and trying to figure out how to make a VW camper van and a dog bone out of felt! Whilst of course swigging plenty of coffee and marathon viewing 24. (How have I only just discovered the fantasticness that is Jack Bauer!?!?!!)


But for now I hear The Dude starting to snort which means my time is limited and so I have to rush through a few housewifely chores before he wakes up! Adieu for now!

Another Summer Passes By

I think the title says it all to be honest!

I picked up the laptop so many times over the last six weeks. Thinking ahhh G is on holiday I should be able to get this show back on the road, yet somehow it never really happened. The Dude turned 2, we had many adventures and I turned Generally Gemma into a bit of a side line!

Which means that the old blog may turn another corner. I think I’ve struggled with what to do with it since The Dude was born. The life of a stay at home Mummy isn’t all glamour and interesting post material so what to write about? So perhaps back to basics, a slice of life.  One thing I’m glad about is that when I started out oh so many years ago I was so unspecific with my blog title! So Generally Gemma with a dash of my new persona of crafter extraordinaire and shop keeper!

IMG_3359.2014-06-13_163725IMG_3898.2014-08-14_103833 IMG_3904.2014-08-14_134929IMG_3976.2014-08-19_201015IMG_4016.2014-08-27_125436IMG_3993.2014-08-24_095223

If you are interested in what my new “role” is take a look at the facebook link over there on the right, it will take you straight there!


Knock Knock

So its been a while! I keep wondering about getting rid of the blog and some part of can’t just let it go, Then I have the days that I sit down to post and I look at it and just think nothing about it looks the way I want. Then there are the days that I sit down to post and have nothing to say. Then there are the days that I sit down to post and the Dude claims my attention, or cuts his nap short. Theen there are the days I sit down to post and don’t like the photos I have or I’ve lost the cable for my proper camera.

Which basically means I don’t post.Then last week I was sitting thinking, yet again, about posting and realised that if you don’t use it you lose it. I miss writing, I miss posting, I miss the catharsis I get from bashing at a keyboard with nothing to sustain me but a coffee. With the changes there have been in feed readers I’m not even sure if anyone will even see this! But does that matter? Who did I used to blog for? Why did I used to blog? I think I need to get back to basics, me, the keyboard and a cup of coffee. Camera phone photos because these days that is what works for me. I’ve changed, I’ve become a Mother and that means that the way I view this space has to change too.

So folks here I am. 

Still crafting where I have the time! This was a small blanket for a new little boy, a new pattern for me too! Loved it, complicated enough for me to learn something new, but not so complicated that it taxed my brain!




There has even been some baking! I’ve had the first Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for years and yet I’ve made hardly any of the recipes out of it. So the plan for the rest of the year is to bake our way through it. Starting with a lemon meringue pie. I’ve never attempted one before as our oven was so hit and miss. But, a new oven means a new challenge!


Not perfect, but a start, which I think could also be said for this blog post!

One thing that is perfect though … watching my Dude grow up, I don’t think I ever appreciated how amazing that aspect of being a Mummy would be.


Nine Months


Dear Sausage,

Today you are nine months old. Way back before you were born, in a time I can barely remember, I had these grand plans of writing to you every month. It wasn’t necessarily going to be here but I thought that when you were older you might like to read about your early days and how much you changed our lives.

However, you had other plans. Your reflux, your lack of naps, the fact that there were days I found it hard enough to keep up with the washing never mind write to you meant that this never happened.

Now though, at nine months, a stage where you have been in the world almost as long as you were preparing for your entry I think its time for a bit of a catch up. Especially as in the last few weeks you have changed so much you are almost completely unlike the tiny baby you were before.

For a long time we wondered if you were ever going to move. Both Daddy and I spend ages on the floor with you dangling toys just out of your reach in an attempt to get you to roll over then suddenly one day boom you did it and there was no stopping you. From there on it was as though you raced to every milestone and both of us regretted the day we encouraged any moving! Gone were the days when you could go to the loo and come back and find you in the same prone position on the floor that we left you. You quickly discovered how to get from one end of the room to the other rolling but then suddenly that wasn’t enough. An empty fanta orange bottle saw you scuttling across the floor commando crawling to keep up with it. You suddenly realised that there was space and room beyond the small square in the lounge that had been your world until then. The kitchen, the hall, the bathroom and most thrilling of all the glass door to the outside were suddenly within your reach. My horrendous housekeeping suddenly seemed such a threat to you, hoovering now happens with alarming regularity. I remember laying on the floor with you one day and looking up and seeing the world from your perspective and realising how close things were to you and that weekend we spent a lot of time moving things up knowing that it wouldn’t be long before you would be pulling yourself up.

And indeed you were. Daddy had the shock of his life one morning when he walked into your room to find you standing, grinning at him from the bottom of the cot holding on to the edge.


And now that is all you want to do. So many of your toys now no longer hold interest for you. The sofa and the arm chair and your whisk are all you need.

photo (2)photo

Then today you managed to pull yourself up  on the shelf to get to your books. A good sign I think that you are going to be as much of a reader that I am, I certainly hope so.

photo (3)

You laugh so readily, and it takes so little to make you smile. Now when you crawl off, still commando, to make mischief somewhere you stop every few “steps” to look behind, as if to say, I’m going you know, you won’t like it, but I’m going. Then the last stop before you reach your intended mischief area is longer, as if to judge whether you are going to get away with it or not. Today as I swept you away from a cable you laughed, you knew that you were chancing your arm but you gave it go anyway.

You have a little personality that is developing so fast I can barely believe it. You’re a sociable little chap but already its clear that you are such a boy. Your friend Alice babbles away to you, chatting nineteen to the dozen and all you have to interject in her breaks is a small Doh. Yet when you’re on your own you talk away and a few weeks ago I claimed your first word as Mama. (Although secretly I know your first one was beer months ago!)

Kissing is new, and I think possibly one of my favorite developments in the last couple of weeks. There is nothing like a drooly open-mouthed kiss from you as you try to mwah just like we do.

It’s all going so quickly, and whilst I can’t wait to see what you do next part of me wishes that you would just go a little slower. Give me time to catch up to the fact that my little baby is turning into such a little boy so fast.

Lots of love