Necessary Cheer


There are times when you need bunches of cheerfulness.  


When I got my new job just before Christmas I breathed a sigh of relief thinking that the bad times were over and I suppose for me they were but sadly for others around me it seems the bad luck was just beginning. My Bro and his girlfriend split up just before Christmas which was not fab as you can imagine. So the after Christmas period mainly involved packing him up and moving him out of their shared house. Then in the midst of moving him out he left his job, which had been on the cards for a while. So he moved in with G and I and then last week he went over to Spain to say with M for a bit to get his head together. 


Then this evening I had a phone call that knocked me for six. An old friend who has been my "other Mummy" since I moved back to the UK phoned to tell me she has breast cancer. They think they have caught it very early and are very positive that it can all be sorted but phone calls like that are the worst. 


So all in all I am feeling in desperate need of my cheapo bunches of daffodils! Even more apt as today is St David's Day! You'd think we would make more of it at my house because G is Welsh, but somehow we never really do. To be honest I'm not all that sure what one is to supposed to do for St David's Day, I think perhaps a touch of research is needed before next year!

12 thoughts on “Necessary Cheer

  1. oh gemma! i hope that your other mum is soon given a clean bill of health, and that this is just the beginning of bigger and better things for your brother. and that you are soon buying lovely flowers “just because”, not because of a need for cheer (if that makes any sense…)

  2. So sorry to hear your news, it is great thought how a bunch of bright cheerful flowers can lift our spirits. I can’t remember much of how the Welsh celebrate St David’s day, although I do have photo’s of me as a little child dressed up in National costume – with a bonnet style hat not a stove pipe. I should imagine my mother also may have donned a daffodil today as well.

  3. Sorry to hear your sets of bad news. Hope your other mum is doing ok.
    Flowers are always a great pick me up – especially daffodils, they can’t fail to cheer!

  4. Sorry to hear that your loved ones are having a tough time at present. I’m sure they’re really grateful for your support. Glad the daffs are cheering you up.
    Cooking with leeks could be considered a very Welsh activity for St David’s Day. x

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