Food Fad, Now Focus

I haven't mentioned my diet here for a while, those of you who perhaps have an inkling of my will power, practically nil, may have guessed why. I stalled. I more than stalled. I more than fell off the wagon. I jumped off. Into cake. Then ate my way out. 

It all started with Christmas, over which I actually didn't do too much damage, but then as the previous post mentioned life started to get a little hectic and interesting. I don't know about anyone else but when someone I love is hurting I try to fix it with food, fat and calorie laden comfort food!


It started innocently enough one Saturday night with lasagna, Bro and I are particular about lasagna, it mustn't be too runny, have a minimum of three layers and be crunchy on the top.


We followed the lasagna up with a Mississippi Mud Pie. I was given the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook for Christmas, this has also done damage! Oh such delicious damage!


Then on Sunday I made blondies, Bro has a white chocolate thing so these were perfect for him, not so perfect for my hips though!


Bro's 30th Birthday then arrived, bringing with it the traditional family birthday tea, which involved handmade sausage rolls. Oh flaky puff pastry how I love thee!

In addition to these badly photographed delights there has been pizza, fish and chips,chinese takeaway, cake, chocolate, krispy kreme. Let us just say whilst it has been a fabulous few months weight loss wise I have enjoyed every single mouthful!

I'm back on track though, as of yesterday I have lost all the weight that I have put on since just before Christmas. The final four and half pounds came off last night and now I am actually beginning to feel as though I am making some progress again!

Having said that, I've just baked more cupcakes for G's brother's birthday at the weekend, but if I only have one you won't tell will you!

7 thoughts on “Food Fad, Now Focus

  1. oh good work. I wondered how you were going!
    I am back up again this week and finding motivation at an all time low which is just crazy – but the weather is cooling down and I am loving eating more. Must behave!

  2. Despite going to the gym and eating less for the last month, I haven’t lost a single pound. I don’t know if it’s because I am forming muscle (which we all know weighs more than fat) or I’m still eating too much.
    Congratulations on getting back on track.

  3. Congrats for getting back on the old diet wagon…I’ve been meaning to get rid of those last 7 pounds for months now, but cake does get in the way! Those blondies look delish too :D

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