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Well I think that has to be quite possibly the longest blog break I have ever taken! Life here was completely out of whack the past few weeks. What with work preparation for the exhibition then nearly two weeks for the exhibition for itself I didn't have a moment for myself. No time for house stuff, crafting or even time with G never mind time to blog. 

The exhibition itself was mind blowing. A scale of something that I have never been involved in before and I was absolutely petrified of screwing up in some way or form. The hours were long and the days were exhausting and whilst I was knackered and beyond stressed on some days it was one of the most exhilarating and fun things I have ever done. When the final day came it was actually quite sad to say goodbye to the British team and all of the colleagues world wide who I got to know over the duration. 

I haven't been back to work since! I arrived back on a Wednesday evening two weeks ago had a few days at home and then flew out to Spain for six days for a recovery period and arrived back home in the UK last night. M had been over here in the UK for two weeks, having brought my Bro back with her for job interviews and he is now back living with us again. 

Please ignore the fact that G looks as though he is in pain!

 Last weekend was taken up with a full family get together, the first time we have all been together in over ten years I think. Certainly the first time G has attended one with the full family in force! A first birthday and a 60th were the excuse and it was great to see everyone all in one place together. The next one is in September for my cousin's wedding, so at least it won't be another ten years before we are all in one place together again!

As for Spain, well it is what it is always is. The place I go to re-balance myself, get my head together and relax, and once again it has done all of those things. I fell re-energised and ready to throw myself back into real life again. I'm looking forward to a routine again something which has been sorely missed these past couple of months. 

4 thoughts on “Normality

  1. Sometimes it’s good to have a break with routine, but sometimes it’s even nicer to get back into one – like a pair of comfy slippers. Enjoy settling back in.

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