Tiny Steps

I got suckered in …


This proves that although my posting has been absent from blogland I certainly haven’t been!

I’ve been waiting for a project to take my fancy and when I found the Beekeepers Quilt I knew I’d found it.

Small steps of completion leading to a greater whole, which describes how I’m living at the moment. Small steps getting through each day which since Christmas has been harder than normal.

Mentally I’m doing well, but physically I’m drained. These hexipuffs are getting me through my commute. Giving me a feeling of accomplishment each day.

I’m using leftovers and random balls I’ve bought over the years because they felt nice or were on sale and my basket is filling nicely, full of loveliness.

3 thoughts on “Tiny Steps

  1. Hi Gemma. Just spotted a comment from you on Cherry Menlove’s facebook page and it reminded me that it was a very long time since I visited your blog so thought I’d come and say ‘hi’. Love the quilt. It’s very cute and the colours you are using are lovely. I’m working on a fabric hexie quilt whenever I get a spare moment to myself(not very often) and it’s very satisfying doing one little shape at a time and seeing it grow. Hope all is well with you. Fiona x

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