Comfort Ripple


I always make quilts for the babies in the family, and whilst Sausage certainly has his own quilt one of the things I made that he has used the most is his ripple blanket.


A crochet ripple using Attic24’s pattern, all acrylic so that I didn’t have to worry about it washing it when it no doubt became covered in baby orifice juice!


When I was pregnant it was the ultimate portable project, this accompanied me on my daily commute to work, it went to Bournemouth and was worked on at the beach, car journeys, family visits. Anywhere that I could fit in a spare few minutes when I wasn’t asleep! I did a lot of that, sleeping. One of the reasons for needing portable projects was they kept me awake on the train! G took to phoning me when he knew I was nearing my station to make sure I wasn’t going to miss it. He had good reason to worry, I did sleep through it, twice. A hormonal pregnant person in the heat is not a pretty sight blubbering at a station three stops past where she was meant to get off!

Back Camera

But, back to the blanket, it accompanied us on our first trip out of the house after he was born,

Back Camera

He napped on floors, sofas, beds and people underneath it. It travels everywhere he goes so he knows he always has a bit of home with him. Fortunately I didn’t curse it with awakeness on the many commutes it travelled with me!


And even now its a firm favourite.

Some of my photos these days are going to be iphone/mobile pics, much as I love my camera it sometimes isn’t easy to take out and rather than miss things its just easier to snap it with the phone. 

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